Consumer Debt Recovery

No recovery, no fee

There are no upfront or set-up fees for consumer debt recovery. We charge commission only the amount recovered. In the unlikely event that we do not recover any of the debt for you, you won’t pay us a penny.

Our starting point

Recovering consumer debt successfully often involves a sensitive approach towards each debtor.

Our starting point is listening carefully to what you have to say.  What is the background to the debt and to the debtor?  What has – or hasn’t – worked in the past?  What information about our progress in recovering the debt would you like? How often would you like us to report to you and in what format?  Whatever your preferences on reporting, we will meet them.

Next steps

Once we understand you, your business and the debt – or series of debts – we will discuss options for recovery with you.  Based on what you have told us, we will draw on our extensive knowledge and experience to give you the most appropriate advice.

In partnership, we will agree a bespoke solution specific to your needs.

Moving into action

We will contact each debtor as we have agreed with you – in writing, by email, text message and by phone. We will emphasise that we wish to reach an amicable arrangement for repayment but, if this fails, we are authorised to issue legal proceedings against them, if instructed to do so.

Separating “can’t pays” from “won’t pays”

We will use our expertise to separate “can’t pays” from “won’t pays”. Each requires a different approach.  For “can’t pays”, we will arrange payments spread over several months.  For “won’t pays”, the threat of legal action can prove very effective.