Litigation and Enforcement

In dealing with “won’t pays”, the threat of litigation and enforcement action can be very effective.

We will consider all options, not just litigation in the county court.  If a company or an individual is unwilling to pay a debt, they can be declared insolvent.  They can be served with a Statutory Demand which explains to them the severe consequences of being insolvent.

If litigation is necessary, we will guide you through the most appropriate way of enforcing any resulting judgment.  These can include:

  • Instructing bailiffs or enforcement officers
  • Third party debt orders
  • Attachment of earnings orders
  • A charging order over property owned by the defendant debtor
  • Bankruptcy and winding up proceedings

There are other enforcement measures. In each case, we will give you carefully considered, impartial advice about the options available. In partnership, we will agree the most appropriate way forward.